Blockchain Studio

Our Blockchain studio provides resources needed to build Corda, Hyperledger Fabric and Ethereum platform-based applications quickly. Our assets simplify the formation, management, and governance of blockchain networks.

Why Blockchain should be part of your digital transformation journey?

Blockchain platform unlocks digital transformation use cases and provides security-rich data sharing, dynamic applications, and decentralized identity. Blockchain entities can share a cryptographic ledger, comprising a digital log of transactions, across a public or a private network. In doing so, they effectively address the key aspects of digital transformation programs, namely, identity, security and trust. The platform enables organizations to enhance application modernization, with capabilities to automate business processes, launch new digital products and monetize key digital assets. The two most important areas to enable digital transformation are:

Data Sharing with Partners

for creating unique business opportunities

Data sharing across organizations is a major challenge for enterprises. Large loyalty rewards program providers are using Blockchain to provide unique value-added services to their customers by leveraging the customer base of their partners.

Business Process Automation

across organization boundaries and systems

Business Process Management Platforms vastly benefit from the integration with a Blockchain network as it ensures transparency in the transactions that occur outside the internal systems of a company.

Blockchain Experiment Services

Embark on Innovation Journey with short and quick solutions.

We providing Blockchain experiment services to innovate and try new uses cases that stay you ahead of the curve. We conduct technology leadership workshops and create experiments with your team to quickly build these experiments.

Blockchain Advisory Services

Build production grade applications and integrate with third party apps.

Using our Blockchain evaluation framework we help you define your transformation journey. Access Blockchain studio assets, and our partner R3 professional services to build solutions that reduce time to market by 40%.

Book a one-hour complimentary consulting session with our Digital experts.