Blockchain Jumpstart Kit

Blockchain Jumpstart Kit for Hyperledger Fabric & R3 Corda

Coforge's TrustChain deployment solution works as a Blockchain Jumpstart Kit, enabling the organization to set up Blockchain infrastructure on cloud platforms quickly. The solution helps build a distributed multi-cloud Blockchain network, where participating organizations can choose their preferred cloud virtual machines. (i.e., Azure, AWS, etc.). It also helps set up the entire Blockchain network in just a few hours.

The accelerator provides the guidelines for selecting and creating the right network for Blockchain, application architecture for ensuring high availability. Our Jumpstart Kit gives you a head start in building a custom business use case on Blockchain, tailored to your requirements. The platform can easily integrate with organizations' existing back-end systems to provide complete data integration.


The Blockchain accelerator helps you setup Blockchain infrastructure for building distributed applications quickly:
  • The accelerator contains guidelines and code for setting up the infrastructure layer, including the setup of various nodes across a multi-cloud environment.

  • The accelerator helps deploy smart contracts, create digital wallets, channels, and configure endorsement policies swiftly.

  • The accelerator provides API through API Gateway to selectively expose data and Blockchain services to network participants by applying authentication, authorization, and usage limits.

  • The accelerator enables organizations to onboard other organizations on the existing Blockchain network smoothly and quickly.

  • The accelerator provides a graphical user interface to quickly build and set up a Blockchain platform using either Hyperledger Fabric or R3 Corda.

  • The accelerator manages cross-industries' requirements to set up and configure Blockchain application.

  • The accelerator provides insights on the Blockchain environment by monitoring transactions and blocks that the network participants generate.


  • Using Coforge's Blockchain Jumpstart Kit and our deep experience in various domains helps in faster identification and delivery of Blockchain-based applications, reducing the time-to-market by 40%.

  • Our Blockchain architects access clients' legacy systems and accelerate Blockchain's introduction in enterprise IT architecture. With ready-made components, like cloud network setup and complete DevOps process toolkits, we expedite time-to-market to connect and reconcile with existing infrastructure.

  • Our Blockchain experts work alongside client teams to rapidly build proofs of concept, starting with the dissection of a use case and an analysis for deploying an optimal Blockchain platform. We rapidly build a minimum viable product (MVP) to reimagine a business process and quantify the business impact to initiate the journey towards production deployment.

Technology Stack

Hyperledger Fabric, R3 Corda, AWS, Azure, Google & Private cloud platform

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