Claim Settlement

Blockchain-based Claim Settlement

Whether it is financial service or insurance industry, transaction settlement has been far from easy. A lack of transparency, elaborate ways to store and reconcile information, human-errors, and forgery compound these challenges.

Validating claim documents and evidences involves intermediaries, which makes the overall process time-consuming and costly.

Solution Need

  • Organizations require secure ways to record their daily transactions and manage information flows among ecosystem participants. They need to focus on untampered information exchange to reduce fraud, manipulations, and losses to gain customer trust by swifter settlements.


  • Instant settlements using smart contracts

  • Compliance ready and secure with distributed ledger

  • AI & ML-powered data analytics


  • Swifter claim settlement enhance customer experience

  • Reduces administrative costs by automating processes

  • Increases efficiency and adaptability

Technology Stack

R3 Corda, Java, Node Js, Mongodb, Angular

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