Sharing Patient Health Record

Distributed Ledger Technology

Almost every hospital has adopted a patient health record (PHR) system to manage their patients' records containing their health details. However, these systems continue to manage these records in silos and lack integration capability with other PHR systems.

Vendors owning these PHR systems have protocols that do not allow sharing of patient’s health records. Healthcare providers use multiple health technology systems to manage patient records, which bring connectivity, integration, and transparency challenges among many providers. In recent years, we have seen hospital consolidation and growing HIE's.

  • The absence of scalable infrastructure that allows seamless patient health record sharing mechanisms results in inflated health costs, reducing health outcome and other operational efficiencies. All this results in a lack of participation in sharing patient health records and services.

Solution Need

  • Small and medium-scale providers are looking to implement a cost-effective patient health record platform that can efficiently connect fragmented data. This cohesive data will result in accountable patient care. Blockchain technology has come in at the right time to meet the needs without any compromise. Blockchain technology offers significant value to the connected health ecosystem. Smart contracts ensure that there is no delay or inconsistency or inadequacy in reviewing a patient's condition and the treatment needed.


  • Coforge's interoperability platform manages PHR, where providers access patients' data in real-time.

  • Sharing Patient Health Record accelerator encompasses patients' consent to share their health details with providers.

  • The solution provides a secure and immutable way to manage patients' identities on patient-controlled wallets.


  • By using this solution, the providers can securely and transparently exchange patient health records among themselves.

  • The Blockchain technology helps in consolidating the scattered patient records in a decentralized ledger.

  • Since the PHR capturing occurs in real-time, the changes in patients' vital parameters reach the providers and payers immediately.

Technology Stack

Hyperledger Fabric v2.2.x, ReactJs, NodeJs, Active MQ, Apache Spark, Mongodb

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