Cloud Maturity Model & Assessment Framework

Reference Framework

The framework assesses your current cloud adoption, develop an effective cloud strategy with industry best practices and design a step by step cloud journey to truly unlock the full potential of the cloud.

Coforge's Cloud Maturity Assessment Framework provides the tools our clients need to streamline and break down the strategy into discrete components that consolidates requirements from the spectrum of the IT Organization and provides step by step journey to truly unlock the full potential of cloud. The Cloud Maturity Model & Assessment Framework provides tools for our clients to

  • Understand & improve the maturity of their cloud adoption strategy

  • Develop a roadmap to improve cloud adoption strategies & governance framework in line with industry standards.


  • Best-practices in cloud adoption simplified.

  • Gives end-to-end plan of action to improve cloud adoption & maturity.

  • Holistic, 360° integration with enterprise strategy.


  • Improved governance & standardization

  • Faster go-to-market: Reducing time it takes for new builds to be released.

  • Reduction in operational cost.

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