Cloud Optimization as a Service

Solution Offering / Framework

Overage is a common issue for the customer in the cloud. Coforge Optimization as a service helps the customer in developing compact ongoing optimization and Governance process that efficiently handles cloud spends.

This solution is designed to offer customers a continuous cloud cost optimization and governance framework. The solution aims to visually evaluate current spending, identify waste & advise on how to optimize the expenditure. The solution also offers the creation of strong governance via reporting and alerting mechanism for BAU operations to ensure that the customer expenditure is kept at a certain benchmark as per the assessments and agreements set out during the first phase of implementation. Coforge’s Optimization as a Service is an operating model for the cloud that any industry, be it insurance, travel, healthcare, banking, finance, etc. can use.

Solution Need

  • Visibility of Cloud Cost

  • Identification of Wastage

  • Ability to Predict Cost Trends

  • Reserved Instance Planning

  • Rightsizing Planning

  • Automation of Billing and Chargebacks


  • Cost Visibility

  • Cost Optimizer

  • Chargeback Automation

  • Reporting and Governance

  • Tag Management


  • Optimization of Current Landscape

  • Control over Cloud Spend

  • Effective Tracking of Unused Resources

  • Better Planning for Reserved Instances

  • Better Management of Chargebacks

  • Visibility of Spend to all Stakeholders

Technology Stack

.Net, SQL (Software as a Service Model)

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