Cognitive Audit Service

Service Desk Automation Platform

An AI-based service desk automation platform that uses machine learning, sentiment analysis, contextual information, smart routing algorithms to reduce costs & improves agent efficiency.

AI-enabled Cognitive Audit Service determines end-user resonance through sentimental analysis, natural language processing, and text mining. This approach captures the interaction between workers and client, and applies the conversation analytics to find sentiment and keywords within the conversation that can be put to work for business. Using the Speech to Text API and the Text Analytics API, Azure Cognitive Services converts voice into text and analyzes its Sentiment. The call is categorized as positive, poor and neutral based on emotion. The Good ones can be processed as SOP, and the bad ones are reported for intervention by the Leads. On Microsoft Azure, the complete architecture is built utilizing tools such as Azure cognitive services, Blob storage, and MS SQL among others.

  • The solution audit 100% calls using AI, providing feedback and analysis and delivering timely automated reporting.

Solution Need

  • When companies grow and evolve, their activities become more complex, perhaps more global, and with more advanced technology, many will be updating or overhauling their own IT systems. The exponential growth of business data has fostered unparalleled developments in data processing capability and analytical ability that will change how data is used and understood. Cognitive technology is an important part of this changing landscape to help enterprise with AI enabled Cognitive Audit Service to audit the calls with 100% coverage to provide the sentiment analysis of the end user.


  • 100% coverage for call Audit

  • Sentiment Analysis

  • AI based Feedback mechanism

  • Natural Language Processing


  • Minimize Errors - The Solution will provide accent neutralization to reduce human errors. It cuts over the emotional, accent barriers for analysts to better understand the customer's problems and serve them faster, better and more empathetically.

  • Improved Quality of Work – the Solution provides access to a dashboard with insights from the call records and scores. The solution also provides us with an opportunity to identify the daily logs of good, bad, and neutral calls that are beneficial for internal assessments leading to SOP and pain calls being identified.

  • Feedback Mechanism based on AI – The solution will audit 100 % calls using AI, to provide feedback and analysis and provide automated reports on timely basis.

  • 100% audit coverage – The solution Increases audit coverage by enabling the ability to assess the accuracy and validity of larger more complete volumes of data

Technology Stack

Azure Cognitive Services, Azure WebApp, Database Services

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