Infrastructure as a Code Framework

Cloud Management Framework

A cloud-agnostic framework “infrastructure as code” to design, develop, and maintain infrastructure by automated provisioning, configuration management that increases efficiency in software development.

Coforge Infrastructure as code framework is a cloud agnostic framework for managing and provisioning cloud resources through machine-readable definition files, rather than physical/virtual hardware configuration or interactive configuration tools.

Solution Need

  • Manual process for managing the IT infrastructure.

  • Issues associated with Manual IT infrastructure configuration / setup.

  • Expensive network & hardware maintenance.

  • Scalability and affordability.

  • Speed & inconsistency.


  • One Touch Deployment.

  • Cloud Agnostic.

  • Infrastructure Orchestration.


  • Increased efficiency in software development

  • Cost Savings

  • Speed and Simplicity

  • Configuration consistency

  • Minimization of risk

Technology Stack

Terraform, Ansible , Jenkins, AWS CloudFormation, Azure ARM Templates

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