UI Starter Kit

AI Based Extension for Appian

UI Starter Kit is a Machine Learning based application which creates mock-ups within the Appian environment, increasing visibility for developers and business owners at the early design stage of project.

The solution is an artificial intelligence based prototype which can automatically generate UI Components (SAIL Script) based on whiteboard drawing.

Solution Need

  • Many teams face difficulty understanding design layouts before they start development, with multiple tools being used to convey design ideas, often over multiple locations. This often causes delays and misinterpretations to the final result as well as making changes more difficult and costly.


  • Captures photographs of the wireframe drawn on the white board

  • Using Computer Vision API (Azure), decodes the UI elements and labels from the image

  • A proprietary software to generate SAIL code (UI Components) which is compatible with Appian BPM platform


  • Full visibility of mock-ups throughout the design stage of a project

  • Comments can be easily added for version control

  • Feedback can be sent directly from business and product owners to development teams

  • Appian code is generated from the excel file increased productivity and efficiency across teams.

Technology Stack

Java, Selenium, Appian, Microsoft Azure(Cloud)

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