Digital Knowledge Worker

Knowledge Worker

Digital knowledge worker having cognitive capabilities spearheads the next level of AI adoption in enterprises. Supports and augments existing specialist workforce like underwriters, claim specialists, mortgage specialists etc. to achieve high degree of automation.

In today’s digital age and with the huge pandemic disruption, it has become very important for organizations to unlock the potential of our human resources and automate the mundane activities. Artificial Intelligence with cognitive technologies has ensured that simple automation jobs like data entry and tagging have been taken over by various programs and tools. New age automation means that it is time to move to the next level where-in a human specialist job could be augmented or assisted by introducing a digital knowledge worker, who helps a human in bulk of their jobs thereby freeing them to concentrate on more complex problems and reduce the problems associated with training and scale.

  • A digital knowledge worker will be able to replicate a human specialist skill by getting trained with the domain specific data using various technologies like knowledge graphs, Machine Learning models, natural language processing and by integrating with the existing workflow ecosystems. This digital worker can augment these specialist roles - Insurance Claims Specialist, Insurance Underwriter, Sales Agent, Travel Co-coordinator, Underwriters in money lending firms, Radiology Assistant, Symptom Checker, to name a few.

Solution Need

  • Although enterprises are moving ahead very rapidly in technology adoption, there are various aspects of a business process which are essentially human driven. These processes are dependent on people to provide support, insights and knowledge. Such people are experts who drive business operations, take decisions based on their cognitive abilities or intrinsic understanding of the processes. They are people who have specialized knowledge or understanding, making them indispensable to enterprises. The problem is such workforce are limited in number and when combined with lack of documentation and processes to train on such knowledge, this situation hinders response times, scaling of businesses and training of new staff. Examples of such workers include underwriters, claim specialists, mortgage specialists, booking assistants, actuaries, product specialist, human operators in a call center to name a few. A Digital Knowledge Worker which can present a human like interaction, read from documents, take cognitive decisions, answer queries, consume analytical models bridges this gap and ensures business operations can be conducted seamlessly, while learning on the job, and taking over the lower end jobs in the specialist spectrum.


  • Avatar based user Interaction Framework supporting multiple channels

  • Content Extarction from various documents like forms, extracting summary from large volume text

  • Knowledge Graph for representing interconnected nodes and entities

  • Query Engine to use natural language to query a knowledge graph and return results

  • Framework for deploying Machine learning models with a dashboard for monitoring model performance

  • Standard connectors to enterprise systems


  • Augment a human specialist role

  • Achieves straight through processing

  • Integrates with existing technology ecosystem

  • Replacing aged work force with assisted support

Technology Stack

Graph DB, AWS Sumerian, NLP, Ontology, Python, Open CV, Tesseract, Angular , Java Script, .Net

Demo of Digital Knowledge Worker

This is a demo of the Digital Knowledge Worker solution deployed for an Claims Processor. Click the Demo button to view the solution.

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