Low code AI & Machine Learning Platform

Fabric.Ai is a low code AI & machine learning platform that enables organizations to automate machine learning & deliver predictive models 10 times faster.

This platform reduces the efforts involved in developing machine learning applications. It compares multiple models based upon the uploaded data, provides a detailed comparison of each of the predictive models, and suggest the right model for the use case. The platform provides an easy way to roll out the selected predictive model as a service on the cloud so that it can be consumed from the web and mobile apps. Most industries like travel, banking, finance, healthcare, insurance, retail, and fashion can benefit from using Fabric.ai capabilities to do predictive analysis, data sorting/classification, etc.

Solution Need

  • AI solutions are now accessible to many businesses and individuals. Understanding and employing AI is critical for the businesses of tomorrow. However; how much business-friendly it may sound, the path to adopting AI has not been a smooth ride. Only 10% of business enterprises are having a smooth ride with AI. The top challenges that enterprises face while implementing an AI solution to its business process are: selecting the right dataset, pre-processing of data, deciding the right predictive model from a large number of algorithms, deployment of trained models, and integrating these models with existing applications. The low code fabric.ai platform provides all the tools to experiment and launch production grade AI & machine learning algorithms quickly.


  • Auto Data Pre-processing which includes feature selection, correlation analysis, handling missing values and bias in the data.

  • Auto modelling which includes parallel run of multiple algorithms, detailed analysis of each model and comparison, auto tuning of parameters and classification & regression analysis.

  • Insights with data profiling report, comparison charts for all models, Recommend model based on selected user metric.

  • Deployment with single click and exposing the model as a REST service to integrate with existing applications.


  • The low code Fabric.Ai platform allows enterprises to quickly launch AI solutions.

  • The one-click deployment of predictive models and API-based access allows easy integration and improves the prediction efficiency of existing apps.

  • Up to 40% reduction in efforts and quick turnaround of ML algorithm deployment.

Technology Stack

Angular,JAVA, Machine Learning, NLP, Python

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