Inspection AI

AI Based Social Distancing Solution

To deal with the current COVID-19 pandemic, Coforge has developed a Computer Vision AI solution – Inspection AI which using video feeds from any regular Camera/CCTV can figure out if people are maintaining the Social Distance or not and optionally - if they are with/without face masks.

The solution provides a real-time view of what is happening in front of different CCTV cameras from the Social distancing perspective and aggregates the data for analysis. It also provides hotspots of breaches and sends rule-based alerts/notifications (for example – send an email to the security room if X number/percent of people are continuously not maintaining the social distance for the last N seconds).

  • This solution helps our customers to ensure the safety and health of their employees & customers, reduce human effort in maintaining social distancing in all the offices. It facilitates in floor planning in a data-driven manner by analyzing floor hotspots and helps them to operate the business with a strong AI-driven strategy.


  • Computer vision accelerator which can be customized to rapidly implement end to end AI Solutions (from Data collection to Insight Serving).

  • All the ingested content is enriched with Cognitive information in a configuration driven manner and becomes available via powerful search.

  • Modular & Service-oriented architecture to enable rapid development of new business applications by component assembly.

  • With its underlying massively parallel storage and compute capabilities, the Third eye can handle large volumes of Videos / Images & serve highly concurrent workloads.

  • The entire solution is built using 100% open Source Technologies, completely vendor lock-in free, and can be deployed on-cloud or On-premise.

  • Built to support streaming content ingestion as well as Real-Time insight generation capabilities.


  • Ensure the safety and health of employees and customers.

  • Reduce Human Effort in maintaining Social Distancing.

  • Facilitate Floor Planning in a data-driven manner (by analyzing floor hotspots)

  • Open up business with strong AI-driven strategy for dealing with COVID-19

Technology Stack

AI & Machine Learning, Computer Vision

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