Intelligent Document Processing

AI Based Document Processing and Analysis Solution

An AI based Intelligent document processing solution that provides hidden insights by standardizing and structuring large amounts of text data, quickly extracting and converting multiple data formats in to a single template.

Some of the capabilities that IDP has:

  • Information Retrieval

  • Information Extractions (Multiple formats)

  • Legal Document Extraction

  • Survey Analysis

  • Sentiment Analysis (Real Time)

  • Auto Document Clustering and Tagging

  • Document Content Enrichment

Solution Need

  • There are not many solutions available for data extraction, and, whatever is available is mostly used to extract only the content. IDP goes beyond data extraction and helps in working with the text data extracted.

  • Multiple Business use cases rely on unstructured data analytics. This helps in achieving the Business Goals of getting insights for business decisions.

  • Enables digital transformation of business.


  • Open source based platform

  • State of the art - NLP, NLU and other text related algorithms are available

  • Extracts, Cleanses, validates and standardizes text document data in a single action

  • Highlights errors, non-availability, and issues during extraction

  • Gives warnings / alerts and reminders

  • Intuitive reports / analysis and provides manual corrections

  • Simplifies building text based use cases for businesses

  • Advanced algorithms for text mining and analytics are also available


  • Significant cost reduction due to automation and reduction in manual efforts.

  • Complete open source solution with zero or very less cost impact.

  • Quicker implementation and faster GTM.

Technology Stack

Python – NLP, NLU and other packages, Angular, NodeJS

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