Machine 19 - Intelligent Process Automation


Machine 19 is an intelligent platform that facilitates low-cost business and robotic process automation, provides a user interface that makes it simple to use and drive quick implementation of bots for simple and complex processes.

  • Design Studio - RPA and BPM Engine for designing automation process & workflows

  • AI Engine - component to provide NLP, ML/DL, OCR capabilities.

  • Event Listener

  • Execution Grid - creates a network of VMs and User Desktop for executing the automation scripts

  • Automation Engine - connects with bot store and runs them in the Execution grid

Solution Need

  • All key players in Process automation and RPA space are highly expensive in terms of license cost.

  • Many customer don’t have complex processes and their need to have a simple solution that provides process automation functionality with affordable cost

  • Tool/platform on open source technologies

  • Tool/platform that should enable digital transformation of business with reduced cost


  • Open source driven low cost platform

  • Processes Mapping

  • Bot Service

  • OCR Service

  • NLP Service

  • ML/DL service

  • Logging and Reporting service

  • Easy integration with ML, DL, NLP libraries

  • Process/Bot life cycle management

  • Attended and unattended Bots


  • Can handle both simple and complex processes

  • Task/Bot with intelligent capability

  • Integrates easily with existing systems

  • Flexible and can be tailored to custom requirements

  • Makes processes transparent driving efficiency and profitability

Technology Stack

Python – NLP, NLU and other packages,DL and ML libraries, Angular, NodeJS, Redis, MongoDB, ELK, Sikuli, TagUI, PuppeteerJS

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