Virtual Lead System Architect (iVLSA)

AI Based Extension for PEGA

Pega AI based Virtual LSA powered by Pega WebChat, Pega NLP, Pega RPA and Pega Knowledge to perform a thorough review of Pega applications remotely – enhancing code quality and developer efficiency.

Virtual Lead System Architect conducts regular reviews of Pega applications remotely, providing real-time suggestions to developers during the implementation cycle. Once set-up, the review process can be initiated as a one-time activity or scheduled to run periodically. A detailed Pega application review document is then generated and sent via email to key stakeholders.

  • iVLSA shares best practices and recommendations on security, performance, process flows and other key areas of application development.

Solution Need

  • Code reviews can be manual, time-consuming and prone to human error. What’s more, these reviews are often skipped or solely based on a lead system architect’s discretion, creating a mismanagement of expectations and deployment issues.


Solution follows a simple, 3 step process:
  • Schedule the review.

  • Virtual LSA bot examines various aspects of the Pega application (guardrails, security, performance, process flows, application maintainability, connectors etc).

  • Summary of findings are shared, together with best practices and recommendations for each application.


  • Allows for scheduling of reviews and automated email on completion.

  • Graphical representation of areas for review.

  • Provides recommendations and best practices.

  • Reduces deployment delays.

  • Better performing code.

  • Reduces load on Lead System Architect (LSA) by automating application review and report generation, saves at least 2-man days of LSA.

Technology Stack

Pega Robotic Process Automation (OpenSpan)

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