Data Monetization Platform

A subscription based data-at-your-service (DAYS) model providing data at different level of processing and value. It builds logical data warehouse, data lake house and present through a storefront interface where data users can shop to find best-fit data to meet their needs.

Data Warehouse, in the past, used to be considered as single source of truth for all of organization’s information. It was meant for internal use. DataMeter is a solution whereby an organization can monetize by providing subscription level service. This model works well for dealer or agent based business. DataMeter collects, combines and aggregates data for consumption by subscriber. It provides an interface to manage catalog of data grouped by subject area e.g. finance, customer etc. along with data at different processing levels e.g. raw data, integrated data, aggregated data etc. It also manages subscriptions to catalog items. DataMeter tracks usage of different levels of cataloged data passing through logical data warehouse and charges subscriber periodically.

Solution Need

  • Manages enterprise logical data warehouse

  • Provides gateway to access data by internal and external users through REST API/Direct connectivity

  • Manages catalog and subscription

  • Dashboards of consumption of data by subscriber


  • Virtual Data Warehouse

  • REST API service for data warehouse objects

  • Real time analytics

  • Metadata Catalog

  • Data Explorer

  • Manage User and Subscription

  • Manage Catalog Item Ratings

  • Tracks Data Users

  • Dashboards of Usage Analytics


  • Monetization of Data Warehouse which was viewed as internal technical asset only

  • Real time data analytics

  • Rapid implementation of data warehouse and data marts

  • 20% reduction of data warehouse efforts

  • Automated data cataloging and data lineage

  • Agile data service

Technology Stack

Denodo, Python, Javascript

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