Intelligent Property Assessment

AI based Use Case Implementation - Insurance

The solution aims at automating the tedious and time consuming process of manual inspection which takes 3-4 days. With this solution, the TAT reduces to few hours thereby improving customer satisfaction and reducing operational cost.

Intelligent Automation of Property Inspection is based on images taken by inspectors to improve efficiency and accuracy of client’s property inspection processes and decisions. The application uses Deep network and for this CNN works out best.​

Solution Need

  • A lot of human effort and time

  • Estimations require visual inspection and expertise, but it’s not economical to manually review every single estimate.

  • Each claim requires a review and estimations and perfect estimation of the claim which is a extensive job.


  • Automates the tedious job of the examiner to manually examine every part of the property.

  • Process thousands of images per minute


  • A lot of human effort and time can be reduced to almost negligible.

  • Fast - Cycle times can reduce by 80%

  • Savings - From 3 Evaluator/Inspector/day to 3/hour

  • ~ 425 KUSD annually

  • Savings - Eliminating Ladder Assist ~ 112 KUSD annually

  • Superior Experience- Reduced customer churn and higher loyalty

Technology Stack

Artificial Intelligence, Angular, Azure cognitive services.

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