Next Gen Data Discovery Solution

MetaXpress is a next-generation data discovery solution which helps users to search and catalog metadata from various data platforms and applications using knowledge graphs created based on - Search based, Network based, and Lineage based

Data Discovery is a post digital challenge due to plethora of data platforms and applications developed by organizations to cater to specific business needs. MetaXpress is a solution developed completely using open-source technologies and helps the various user personas in different manner like:

  • Business users/data stewards – Business catalogs and relationships

  • Analysts/data scientists – Explore hidden relationships in data sets, explore new data sets

  • Engineers – Technical metadata and data lineage

  • Experimenters – Frequent use of data sets

Solution Need

  • Data is diverse and distributed across many different departments, applications, and data stores making it a challenge to know exactly what data organizations have and where. In the world of big data this becomes even more complex. This solution help ingest metadata from various sources – data repositories, ETL/ELT tools, data visualization tools and help perform search in a self-service and seamless manner.


  • Search for artefacts based on tags, name, description, owners, usage etc.

  • Perform search on variety of sources like data stores, dashboards/reports, events, streams, ELT/ETL flows etc

  • Identify owners and usage patterns

  • Impact analysis of any change

  • Data profiling statistics


  • “Metaxpress” solution enables our customers to jumpstart their journey in modernizing their data platforms – with a first step to perform Data Discovery in a self-service, seamless and integrated manner.

Technology Stack

Python,Neo4j, Apache Atlas, ElasticSearch,Angular, Apache Airflow

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