MLXpress - Self Service Machine Learning at Scale

Predictive Modeling Platform

MLXpress enables a highly agile way of doing Data Science & building predictive models that’s fundamentally going to change the way our client do data science. It’s a solution to democratize Machine learning in an organization by allowing even non-data scientists build predictive models by providing data and their business objective.

MLXpress is integrated with our Data Lake solution – DLXpress, and helps in enabling everyone in an organization to build predictive models as per their business needs without being a Data Scientist. With the self-service UI, a user follows following steps:

  • Import Data as file or specify table in DLXpress that needs to act as base table.

  • Use SQL for performing any feature engineering

  • Visualize the data using Drag and Drop Self Service BI capabilities to understand the data

  • Analyze auto-computed statistics of data

  • Define Target Variable and attributes to be used for predicting the target

  • Select algorithms and related parameters

  • Submit to AutoML pipeline (powered by and DLXpress) to build best predictive models

  • View model leadership board to understand different models being evaluated their performance and interpret them on the same UI.

  • Download the best model

Solution Need

  • It’s a common challenge in industry that a Data Lake is build, but making the data & analytics still remain unlocked because of introduction of new technologies which users may not be aware of. MLXpress is Coforge’s solution for unlocking Machine learning capabilities available to non-data scientists with compute and scalable power of a Data Lake underneath.


  • Built using 100% open source technologies


  • Simplified way of building predictive models

  • Scaling Machine learning with compute power of Hadoop and Spark

  • Making machine process highly agile.

Technology Stack

R, Shiny, H2O.AI, Lime, GGPLOTLY, D3, DLXpress (for data onboarding)

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