Data Warehouse Modernization Platform

A Data Warehouse Modernization solution automates Legacy Teradata Data warehouse migration journey to Azure-based Modern SQL Data Warehouse. It enables schema discovery & migration, data migration, incremental data ingestion, Teradata SQL transformation & source to target reconciliation.

Entirely Azure Based Solution uses services like Azure Data Factory, Azure DataBricks, Azure SQL DWH, Azure BlobStore/ADLS and Azure App Services to Connect with Legacy On-prem DWH and Migrate Data into Azure SQL DWH in an automated and configuration driven manner.

Solution Need

  • Data Warehouse Modernization is the first step to transform the legacy systems into modern machines for a faster process. It supports the product and feature releases quickly, resulting in better data warehouses

  • The new data warehouse system can save the organization's expenditure and unearth the potential value of the data assets

  • Modernizing or moving your database repositories to a cloud ecosystem can significantly reduce OPEX & CAPEX


  • Automatic Object Discovery

  • User Driven Schema Migration

  • Configuration Driven, Online Data Migration

  • Incremental Data Ingestion Framework with Proper Governance

  • Teradata SQL conversion to Azure SQL DWH T-SQL

  • Source-Target Reconciliation

  • Out of the Box Data migration pipeline Monitoring


  • 40%-50% TCO reduction

  • Fully Cloud-native, scalable DWH Setup

  • Ability to perform advanced analytics using large Azure tech ecosystem solution documents link(s) (PPT)

Technology Stack

Azure Cloud Services like ADF, Azure Databricks, Azure SQL DWH, ADLS/BlobStore, Azure App Services

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