Monetize Studio

Data Science Use Case Implementations

Monetize Studio is a suite of jumpstart accelerators for implementing data science use cases for travel, insurance, banking, healthcare, media and retail industries.

Enterprises collect an immense amount of data that lack standardization, normalization, and processing prowess, often stymies their efforts to convert it into actionable information. Enterprises can derive contextual answers to business problems, aided by cognitive science, advanced visualizations, and GPU analytics by using Monetize Studio.

  • Information engineering emerged as a significant subject in the field of data science. It involves three key areas: leverage a wide variety of data, contextualize the data specific to a domain, create visualizations and dashboards to empower users. Monetize Studio performs in all these three areas and provides you robust data science apps to make informed decisions.


We understand that a lack of monetization techniques often converts enterprise data into lost opportunities. Monetize Studio makes this transformation curve agile and seamless using pre-built jumpstart kits. The critical solutions that makeup Monetize Studio are:
  • Travel Transport & Hospitality - Ancillary insights, hot cargo intelligence, crew absenteeism monitoring, cargo analytics, revenue analytics and Online Travel Portal (OTP) insights

  • Insurance - Executive insights, fraud analytics, premium forecasting, agency performance, price analytics and property assessment

  • Business and Finance Services - Customer acquisition, churn analytics, lifetime value measurement, portfolio optimization, anti-money laundering and credit scoring

  • Healthcare - Comply with health information protection regulations like HIPAA, Data Privacy protection as in GDPR, and patient consent.

  • Customer management – Customer Acquisition, Segmentation, Cross-Sell and Up-Sell, Product Recommendations, Sales Forecast, Churn Prediction and Strategy

  • Workforce – Recruitment Analytics, Performance, Compensation and Benefits, Learning and Development, Engagement and Satisfaction, Attrition


  • The advanced data science capabilities provide predictive insights into future problems/trends, anticipating course-correct at early stages.

  • Detailed dashboards help business users understand complex data sets, solving complex challenges in their selected area.

  • Analyzes historical records and real-time data to identify future possibilities and recommend the next-best-action in alignment with monetization goals.

Technology Stack

AWS, Azure, Cloudera, Hortonworks, Spark, NLP, Python, R, H2O, MongoDB, Snowflake, PowerBI, Tableau, TensorFlow, OpenCV, Informatica, SQL Server, MySQL, Teradata, SAP

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