Sitecore Migration Tool

Platform Extension Tool

The Sitecore Migration tool makes it easy to migrate from any CMS platform to Sitecore. It ensures all content, plugins, and extensions are seamlessly transitioned and SEO work is preserved, even if it involves new URLs.

Coforge developed its own Sitecore Migrator tool that comes pre-configured with auto Migrate feature to migrate from one platform to sitecore platform. It has integrated automated testing, automatic performance checks and integrated Devops capabilities

Solution Need

  • There is a lot of manual intervention required while migrating from a CMS platform to Sitecore; for eg: deployment, performance check, end to end testing of the upgraded solution, etc. Most of these processes are repetitive and can be automated saving cost, time and effort.


  • Effortless and seamless migration from cms platforms like Sitefinity etc. to Sitecore

  • Automated performance testing before and after the upgrade

  • Deployments can be automated via DevOps

  • Reduce the content freeze time to minimal

  • Finds and fixes broken links in pages which might occur as a result of an migration


  • 50% faster time-to-market as compared to manual Migrate from a CMS to Sitecore

  • 50% lower bugs/issues with 60% better quality

  • Cost reduction due to automation and reduction in manual efforts

Technology Stack

Sitecore, ASP.Net, Sql Server

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