Sitecore Upgrade Tool

Platform Extension Tool

The solution is a simple and easy-to-use pre-configured upgrade tool that helps businesses upgrade Sitecore older versions to the latest version without hassle.

The Coforge's Sitecore Upgrader tool comes pre-configured with automatic testing, automatic performance checks, and integrated DevOps capabilities. The execution can be done by just selecting the current and target versions to get the desired results. With automated testing pre-built into the tool's automatic upgrade process, the installation takes place in just a few days and the most efficient manner with no manual testing.

Solution Need

  • There is much manual intervention required during the Sitecore upgrade process, for example, upgrading the .net code, deployment, performance check, and end-to-end testing of the upgraded solution. Upgradation can also cause broken links, which again require manual intervention. Most of these processes are repetitive and can be automated, saving cost, time and effort.


  • Single click upgrade from any version to the latest version

  • Automated performance testing before and after the upgrade

  • Automation of deployments via DevOps

  • Exhaustive event status and logs to determine milestones completed during upgrade

  • Reduces the content freeze time to minimal

  • Finds and fixes broken links in pages which might occur as a result of an upgrade


  • 65% faster time-to-market as compared to manual upgrade

  • 50% lower bugs/issues with 70% better quality

  • Significant cost reduction due to automation and reduction in manual efforts

Technology Stack

Sitecore, ASP.Net, Sql Server, xDB & Sitecore Rocks

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