Sitecore xTender

Platform based Portal Development Framework

Sitecore xTender enables you to expand your business reach with quick & easy rollouts of direct-to-consumer portals in multiple countries, languages, and currencies along with the flexibility of different themes, assets, and content.

Being a robust digital platform, SiteCore combines a content management system with contextual intelligence and Omni channel automation technologies. It offers marketing automation tools that allow customers to easily manage multiple sites and reach out to their customers when and where it matters. With multiple features in one single product, it is necessary to have the right implementation and deployment to take the advantages of Sitecore advanced functionalities.

  • Coforge has developed a solution accelerator and an approach to build & rollout insurance portals on the Sitecore platform. This solution accelerator creates direct-to-consumer portals, self-service portals, micro portals, and underwriting workbench, five times quicker. It also provides guidelines to use Sitecore advanced personalization and marketing capabilities to create a memorable digital experience for the customers.

Solution Need

  • Recent years have seen a dramatic expansion of mobile computing and social media on the internet. Organizations have shown increasing interest in web analytics and have comprehended the importance of engagement and experience management and monitoring. The industry needs a lot more than a simple brochure site. The previously developed websites were confusing and difficult for customers to navigate, leading to a disconnected and inconsistent user experience. They lacked access to basic levels of customer information. Today everyone knows the importance of customer data, which has led to most industries scrambling to access the data and to analyse it for insight and apply this insight to their businesses. Sitecore xTender provides configurable multi-currency, multi-product, multi-language quoting, and a policy fulfilment engine that can be offered on the web with multi-style guides and a partner/insurance company’s security model. It offers intelligent content and a customer friendly design interface, so you can get your new site ready to deploy in days instead of months. The Coforge has used the strengths of the Sitecore personalization engine, Microsoft Azure, and Sitecore Experience Database to help you get a holistic view of your customer’s data.


  • The Sitecore xTender platform helps build insurance portals by integrating with Policy administration systems like Duck Creek and publish the domain-specific APIs to B2B partners using the Azure API gateway.

  • The Form Builder component helps create & modify Quotation Flows for different markets and new insurance products. It also allows power-users to create and edit quote forms faster without code changes.

  • The Sitecore xTender connects the marketing module in Sitecore with Salesforce, allowing the marketing teams to capture the leads and track the full journey using the Salesforce marketing cloud. A powerful combination of Sitecore and Salesforce marketing cloud streamlines digital marketing to unlock personalization at scale.

  • The Sitecore xTender integrates with iVera conversational framework that to enhances the customer experience by providing multi-channel insurance conversational interfaces for P&C and L&A carriers across multiple use cases supporting policyholders and agents.

  • The Sitecore xTender analytics module captures all visitor interactions. It helps define key metrics that enable the customers to view the big picture via interactive dashboards, or 'zoom in' to single visitors and track locations, goals, campaign data, and web form activity.


  • Sitecore xTender platform is an extremely efficient way to outreaching to new customers, boost customer-to-customer relationships, and improve company-customer relationships.

  • Reduces IT cost by rolling out multi-geo and multi-brand portals on single Sitecore instance. Each portal is allocated a dedicated space on the Sitecore instance with access to data templates, configuration, user management and portal customized functions.

  • Improves Insurance channel partner relationships by quickly onboarding and launching white-labelled partner portals. Delivers personalized quotes and increases operational efficiency through an integrated solution.

  • The platform has helped organizations shift to a more customer-centric digital strategy and has contribute in generating revenue by improving customer experience and increasing sales leads.

Technology Stack

Sitecore, ASP.Net, Sql Server, Azure PAAS

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