iEval - API Gateway Evaluation Framework

Evaluation Framework

This framework enables you to compare, evaluate and select the right API Integration & Management product that helps you to accelerate business innovation, craft new digital business models & build new channels and ecosystems.

Coforge has developed the API Gateway Evaluation Framework, which is a reference accelerator to evaluate various API offerings based on functional and technical criteria which are identified in consultation with the customer's Business & Technical teams. It helps the customer’s partners to choose the best of breed platforms while providing best practices, maturity assessment and a clear roadmap to digital transformation. This accelerator is both technology-agnostic and domain-agnostic.

Solution Need

  • There are a lot of API services and product offerings to choose from and the customer partners often spend time and effort on evaluating which product suits them the best based on their specific requirements. The requirements are also a function of the existing system integration maturity of the organization. As the comparisons scores/scales are readily available within the accelerator, it reduces both time and effort while providing a clear picture of which product suits them the best.


  • Comprehensive platform shortlisting and deep-dive evaluation of each applicable platform

  • Precomputed scores/scale for each API for both functional and technical criteria

  • Provides a clear picture of which product suits the best among all the API offerings


  • Rapid Solutioning based on customer's functional and technical requirements

  • Reduced timelines and effort as all platforms are already evaluated; the customer only needs to specify specific requirements

  • Easily customizable as per customer requirements for early-on in the lifecycle of the solution

  • Leverage Coforge CoE to execute and publish quick results

Technology Stack

Technology Agnostic

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