Integrators for Duck Creek

Low code Duck Creek API integrators

Integrator for Duck Creek is a comprehensive low code digital asset built to abstract out complex developer-centric Duck Creek platform APIs to domain experts. Domain experts can use the asset to quickly build or modify business workflows related to products, policies, claims and party management.

The platform integrates with Duck Creek APIs to provide insurance functions as Business-Process-as-a-Service (BPaaS). The business flows & orchestration can be achieved using drag-and-drop code components and can be exposed as a service to external parties, brokers and other stakeholders.

Solution Need

  • Duck Creek APIs provide a comprehensive SaaS solution to the P&C insurance industry. It offers Rating, Policy, Billing, Claims and Insights management. However, there is a steep learning curve involved to understand and master the APIs as they require deep technical knowledge with insurance domain expertise. The solutions provide a simple, easy-to-use font-end aimed to be low-code so that business functions can be mapped easily. The business functions created using the solution can be exposed from the assets and subsequently consumed from internal apps or may be customized based upon partner needs. The drag-and-drop functionality is integrated with the DevOps pipeline for quick modification and deployment of business flows.


  • Low Code solution for business users to quickly adapt to changing business needs

  • Flexibility to change the business flows

  • Easy maintenance

  • Rapid Development

  • Monetization using subscription-based access to aggregators

Technology Stack

Duck Creek APIs, Azure, Insurance flow

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