Microservices Reference Architecture

Reference Architecture

Microservice architecture (MSA) is an approach to build software systems that decomposes business domain models into smaller, consistent, bounded-contexts implemented by services to gain business values. It brings out the much-desired agility for business choreographed to yield higher business value.

Coforge’s Microservices Reference Architecture defines ownership boundaries to each system component and provides the ability to adopt any framework for different parts. It aims to increase agility by decoupling system components and reducing the cost of application scaling. By creating a reference architecture, we have mastered the art of achieving the transformation from monoliths to microservices. This digital asset is usable in any domain like travel, hospitality, banking, finance, insurance, logistics, retail, healthcare, etc.

Solution Need

  • It is challenging to scale Monolithic architecture and hence does not lend itself to agile deployments. Microservices help overcome these shortcomings of monolithic architecture and provide a solution that helps systems and applications be as modular as possible. It comes with a pre-integrated eco-system with architectural reference tools that ensure best practices for NFR’s (Non-Functional Requirements) like logging, monitoring, discovery, security. Microservices reference architecture results in a system that is scalable, agile, and flexible.


  • The solution consists of individually deployable components that ensures easy deployments along with polyglot programming

  • Decentralized architecture providing scalability and fault-tolerance

  • Integrated with CI pipelines using Jenkins

  • Cloud-ready with built-in support for Docker


  • Reduced complexity of the solution as there is clarity on identified boundaries of each process and unit of work

  • Best in class framework option to implement

  • 40% reduced time in build and deployments as design best practices already built-in along with CI/CD

  • Easy collaboration among teams as the microservices can be polyglot and implemented in different technology stacks

Technology Stack

Leaning towards Java, Spring, Springboot, Netflix oss.

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