OpenLegacy Design Platform

Legacy Modernization

OpenLegacy’s Digital-Driven Integration enables organizations with legacy systems to deliver new digital services faster and more efficiently than ever before, so any company can become digital to the core.

OpenLegacy’s ability to automatically generate microservices-based APIs from legacy environments gives users an easier way to incorporate legacy data and streamline projects’ implementation. This often results in 20x faster legacy API creation, a 75% reduction in API lifecycle costs at the same time driving 5X faster API performance, and the ability for Coforge to deliver transformation projects on time and on budget.

Solution Need

  • Legacy applications support a vast number of functions within business operations, have a massive codebase, and are resource-intensive. Effecting any change to these functions requires a lot of time and effort.

  • The requirement of specific hardware to support scattered and large databases makes it all very difficult to maintain.

  • Legacy systems have grown in complexity over time making it even more challenging for the organizations to replace them easily – trained workforce is scarce, maintenance is expensive, and cyber threats abound.

  • The existing architecture of these legacy applications has ESB/SOA as middleware. Here, a single API typically needs months to be ready. To update or replace these applications then becomes a lengthy process.

  • Legacy applications need modernization. With the OpenLegacy platform, the requirement to replace legacy systems is no longer there. OpenLegacy platform modernizes legacy systems using out-of-the-box connectors that create APIs in just a few hours. OpenLegacy platform can easily overcome the aforementioned challenges that businesses often face.


  • Automatic parsing and generation of digital assets from core systems

  • Flexible deployment into any on-premise or cloud-based infrastructure

  • Supports for most legacy platforms: CICS, IMS, IBM i (AS400), SAP, Oracle, Temenos, FIS

  • Parse most languages: Cobol, PL1, RPG, Assembler, Natural, VSAM, SQL, XML

  • Generate into multiple formats: Java-based microservices, nodeJS serverless functions, REST, Kafka, RabbitMQ, MQ, SOAP, OData

  • Support for API-First and API-Last methodologies


  • Faster time to market - 20x faster legacy API creation

  • Lower TCO - 75% reduction in API lifecycle costs

  • Better User Experience - 5X faster API performance

Technology Stack

Docker, Spring Boot 2, Java, Javascript, Swagger, JSON

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