TIBCO Containerization

Platform Extension

This accelerator guides existing Tibco customers to migrate to container version from their existing on-premises investments and run it as a cloud native app or microservice on container based platforms.

Coforge has developed 'TIBCO Containerization' accelerator, which provides facilities to containerize TIBCO processes and leverage other open source tools to enable platform to utilize services like real-time monitoring & tracing, microservices and service registry; resulting in better throughput, scalability and fault-tolerance.

Solution Need

  • Traditional TIBCO ESB is monolithic and extensibility is a challenge. It is hard to integrate with open source products and implement modern architectural patterns like microservices, real-time monitoring, and containerization. The TIBCO containerization solution provides the goodness of microservices, containerization, distributed tracing, centralized log analysis, and Service registry. It also provides segregation of API into experience, process, and system APIs


  • Complete integration platform providing a spectrum of TIBCO containerization features

  • Simplified cloud-native adoption with open-source tools

  • Design modern enterprise integrations with ease using modern architectural principles like microservices

  • Build with control and flexibility using industry-proven tools like Grafana for performance monitoring, and Jaeger for distributed tracing, etc.

  • Inbuilt tools to rigorously test integration process quality


  • 30% faster deployment via containerization

  • Microservices based scalable and fault-tolerant architecture and processes

  • Promotes API lead connectivity by integrating with Service discovery platforms like consul

  • Faster time to market as services can be deployed independent of one another and are plug-and-play

Technology Stack

Tibco, Grafana, Jaeger, Docker, Elastic search, logstash, Kibana (ELK), Consul

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