API & Microservices Test Automation Framework

APIAssureQX framework comprises of methodology, best practices and test automation tool for functional and non-functional testing of API/Microservices.

Script-less, BDD driven test automation framework for API/microservices, with rich reporting, data-driven testing, parallel execution and in-built support for XML and JSON parsing.

Solution Need

  • Proliferation of service-oriented architecture

  • Microservices architecture

  • Consolidation of business-logic at service layer

  • Need for end-to-end testing at service layer

  • Unstable and slow UI automation

  • Opportunity for stable and faster testing at service layer


  • User-friendly BDD-style (Given-When-Then) approach

  • None or minimal coding needed

  • Data-driven support

  • Parallel execution

  • REST/SOAP support

  • JSON/XML/YAML/CSV support

  • CI/CD integration support


  • Reduce API regression testing time by up to 70%

  • No programming knowledge required, non-programmers can write tests

  • Reduce execution time with parallel runs

  • Simple syntax for JSON/XML parsing

  • Easy integration with Jenkins or similar CI/CD systems

Technology Stack

JAVA, Cucumber, Maven, JUnit, Karate Framework Jenkins, SVN, Integration support for RestAssure, SOAP UI, Postman

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