ConTest – Continuous Testing Framework

Continuous Testing Framework

ConTest offers integrated solutions to enable zero touch testing (ZTT) for faster and seamless delivery. The framework incorporates shift left, shift right and spherical shifting to accelerate functional and non-functional testing.

Our Zero Touch Testing solution facilitates CI/CD tool (Jenkins, Bamboo etc.) based automated build for code analysis, API/microservices test automation, automated quality gates, automated build deployments and test data creation, functional testing, performance engineering and vulnerability scanning.

  • The key component of this framework is, it provides 360-degree feedback of quality intelligence derived from production monitoring and data analytics to continuously learn and improve the quality engineering cycle.

Solution Need

  • Test often and test early.

  • Long release cycles.

  • Delay in defect detection.

  • Automation test scripts not executed frequently.

  • Testing not integrated with CI/CD pipeline.

  • Delays due to test environment and data.


  • Integrated Testing assets with Dev Environment to test as early as possible.

  • Automated Test Execution Scheduler (nightly, every code check in etc.).

  • Static Code Analysis to check quality code using Java rule set.

  • Visual dashboard to view results throughout the pipeline.

  • Implementation of quality gates to check application health at different stages.

  • Test Automation Framework integrated to create end to end pipeline.

  • 360-degree feedback of quality intelligence.

  • Visual dashboard to view results throughout the pipeline.


  • Up to 70% reduction in time to market.

  • Shift Left Testing Methodology for early defect detection.

  • Reduction in release cycle which leads to faster delivery to market.

  • Nightly build-test execution automatically.

  • Shorter time to market and cost reduction.

Technology Stack

SOAP UI, Hoverfly, Selenium, SonarQube, Jenkins, Jmeter, ZAPProxy, TestNG, SVN, Supports other tools/technology like MS-Azure

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