Cognitive End-to-End Test Automation Services Platform

A cognitive platform that provides a combination of new-age AI/ML based quality engineering solutions and integration extensions, to drive efficiencies across the software lifecycle.

CoTAP platform consists of AI/ML based automation solutions for all software phases, having test automation, model based test creation, automation script generation from manual test cases, software defect predictor, smart test analytics as some key solutions.

Solution Need

  • Poor test coverage

  • Inefficient test design

  • Too many tests to automate

  • Brittle nature of test automation

  • Slow test automation execution

  • Tedious results analysis


  • Model-based test generation for optimum coverage

  • Automatic conversion of manual tests to automated tests

  • Intelligent Automation with auto-healing

  • Massively parallel cloud-based test execution

  • Quality Insights

  • Defect prediction


  • 85% reduction in automated test creation time

  • 50% reduction in regression cycles

  • 90% reduction in test-maintenance effort

  • 40% faster development cycle

Technology Stack

AI/ML/NLP, Data Analytics, GCP Cloud, RPA

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