Automated Data Movement Testing Solution

DTXpress is an automated data movement (e.g. ETL, data migration) testing solution, for validating correctness and completeness of ETL/migrated data. An open-source solution with ability to handle simple to complex data transformations.

DTXpress is a solution developed for automated data testing, using open-source technologies. It is a web based solution, with a query editor, test repository management and in-built scheduler for execution. It generates test reports with drill down features to navigate from summary to detailed test results.

Solution Need

  • Data testing has always been a tedious and manual task, which consumes 30-35% effort of ETL/data migration projects.

  • Validating data and databases successfully through any needed transformations without loss

  • Complex scenarios for validation of data correctness, data completeness, data relations, hundreds of attributes and data transformations/rules, based on master data, external table etc.

  • Varied datasets e.g. databases, XML, JSO, flat files etc.


  • Web based automated data testing solution, for on premise as well as cloud data testing

  • Supports testing of structured data (SQL) and semi structured data (XML, JSON, CSV etc.)

  • Automatically create test cases by providing table, attribute and column names

  • Easy integration with external applications e.g. Jenkins, Git etc. using REST API endpoints

  • Maintains test repositories for reuse and execution

  • Generates easily navigable test reports and drill down features

  • Capability to email test results and schedule execution


  • Reduce data testing cycle time and cost by 30%

  • Reusable test repository

  • Easy to create, manage, track test suite and schedule testing jobs from anywhere

  • Support testing of wide variety of data - SQL, XML, JSON, EDI and CSV

  • Easy integration with DevOps cycle

Technology Stack

Python, Flask

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