Unified Test Automation Platform

Script-less test automation platform for faster test automation of web, mobile and API applications, with a BOT for managing application object repository.

UTap is tool agnostic, and has a GUI based interface for automation scripts management, which enables even functional tester to develop automation testing script without writing any code.

  • UTap can be easily integrated with external tools i.e. Jenkins, Selenium Grid and other CI/CD tools for continuous testing. And has an in-built OR BOT (Object repository BOT) for identifying and managing application object repositories.

Solution Need

  • Test automation frameworks are language dependent which makes it difficult to adapt.

  • Technical skills required to develop and maintain test automation scripts.

  • Test automation artifacts maintenance is tedious due to complexity of automation framework.

  • Controlling and monitoring of automation scripts, data, execution requires additional efforts due to involvement of external tools.

  • Maintenance of object repository becomes complex and time consuming, with each release.


  • Single UI platform for automation script development, maintenance, execution and reporting.

  • Ease of accessibility - use from anywhere by anyone.

  • Script-less test automation script development.

  • Parallel test execution and selenium grid support.

  • Jenkin integration for continuous testing.

  • Trigger email capability for sharing test report to all stakeholders after execution.

  • Create re-usable business functions to use in multiple scripts.

  • Test reporting dashboard.

  • Maintains test execution history.


  • Reduce test cycle time by up to 45%.

  • 25% faster test automation script development.

  • Saves testers from the complexities of test frameworks.

  • Dynamic Customized Dashboard Representation.

  • Integration with CI Tools.

Technology Stack

Java, Selenium, DotNet based frontend, Junit – Test Framework, CI-Jenkins

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