Quantum Studio

Quantum computers have the potential to disrupt conventional computing and offer lots of interesting insights into how the future of computing might look like. Unlike conventional computers, quantum computers are intrinsically parallel and probabilistic while offering huge computational power. Investments into research and developments now may reap long term benefits for the enterprises.

Quantum computing has a deep and disruptive impact on various business domains including Banking and finance services (BFS), Insurance and Travel domains.

Coforge Quantum Studio Launched At Techcon2020 Event

Coforge has set up quantum studio to identify potential use-cases where it can help business evolve, innovate and stay ahead.

Current projects in Coforge quantum studio


Quantum computing has given rise to new quantum-based algorithms that out-do their counterpart classical algorithms. It is especially useful in probabilistic analysis and scenarios where there are lots of possible outcomes. They can be used to develop strategies for analyzing, developing and implementing quantum techniques for portfolio management, asset appraisal, and hyper-personalization.

Travel and Logistics

The logistics sector need high computing power to handle enormous volumes of data coming in at high velocities and with a high degree of variability, in order to generate real-time signals that aid supply chain planners in decision making. Quantum computers' inherent quality of superimposing and entanglement enables it to evaluate large datasets easily than its conventional counterpart which takes an impractically long time. Quantum algorithms have been proven to be very efficient in scenarios like these and harnessing the power of quantum computing seems very viable.

Banking and Financial Services

Quantum computing algorithms lends itself exhaustively to corporate and mathematical finance. Quantum algorithms can be used to value and analyze (complex) instruments, portfolios and investments by simulating the various sources of uncertainty affecting their value and evaluate risks associated with it. The Monte Carlo method offers solutions to the problem by directly simulating the underlying physical process and then calculating the average result of the process.

How Coforge Quantum studio help you to stay ahead

Coforge has set up quantum studio to keep pace with innovations in quantum computing. Quantum studios helps Coforge clients to identify potential disruption that may be caused by quantum and helps them prepare better. With Coforge deep knowledge in Quantum computing and subject matter guidance clients are equipped to make better long term decisions.

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