Digital Experience Studio

Conversational Framework for Insurance Vertical

iVera enhances customer experience by providing multi-channel insurance conversational interfaces for P&C and L&A carriers across multiple use cases supporting policy holders and agents.

Conversational Framework for Travel Industry

tVera enables Airlines to use AI-driven virtual agents and chatbots to provide superior customer experience & also helps to increase revenue by up-selling & ancillary sales.

Sitecore xTender
Platform based Portal Development Framework

Sitecore xTender enables you to expand your business reach with quick & easy rollouts of direct-to-consumer portals in multiple countries, languages, and currencies along with the flexibility of different themes, assets, and content.

Sitecore Upgrade Tool
Platform Extension Tool

Simple and easy to use pre-configured upgrade tool, which helps business to upgrade Sitecore older version to latest version without hassle. It also ensures quality by executing automated testing, performance check and integrated DevOps capabilities.

Sitecore Migration Tool
Platform Extension Tool

The Sitecore Migration tool makes it easy to migrate from any CMS platform to Sitecore. It ensures all content, plugins, and extensions are seamlessly transitioned and SEO work is preserved, even if it involves new URLs.

Digital Integration Studio

iEval - API Gateway Evaluation Framework
Evaluation Framework

This framework enables you to compare, evaluate and select the right API Integration & Management product that helps you to accelerate business innovation, craft new digital business models & build new channels and ecosystems.

OpenLegacy Design Platform
Legacy Modernization

OpenLegacy’s Digital-Driven Integration enables organizations with legacy systems to deliver new digital services faster and more efficiently than ever before, so any company can become digital to the core.

API Factory for Gaming & Hospitality Industry
API Specifications

API & micro-services specifications that service the integration needs across various verticals of gaming & hospitality industry covering marketing offers, loyalty program, guest information APIs, call center APIs and others.

TIBCO Containerization
Platform Extension

This accelerator guides existing Tibco customers to migrate to container version from their existing on-premises investments and run it as a cloud native app or microservice on container based platforms.

Dockerization of MULE Runtime manager
Mule Runtime Docker

MuleSoft's Anypoint Platform with Docker Enterprise, allows you to easily integrate applications with data and systems across the enterprise, enabling organizations and the developers to create the next generation cloud-native applications and experiences.

Insurance Flow
Low Code BPM Engine

Insurance Flow is a low code digital asset built on top of Azure Logic apps and integrated with the Duck Creek platform to provide insurance domain APIs.

Integrators for Duck Creek
Low code Duck Creek API integrators

Integrator for Duck Creek is a comprehensive low code digital asset built to abstract out complex developer-centric Duck Creek platform APIs to domain experts. Domain experts can use the asset to quickly build or modify business workflows related to products, policies, claims and party management.

Microservices Reference Architecture
Reference Architecture

Pre-integrated eco-system with reference architectural tools and frameworks that increase the speed at which the team can convert an idea to deployment, reduce costs, and enables runtime visibility.

Data Studio

Content Extraction Framework

Coforge Open Source based content extraction framework for extracting data unstructured data from sources like Email, PDF, Word, Excel and scanned documents using AI, ML, NLP, OCR and other cognitive technologies.

ETL, Data Quality and Data Testing Platform

Not many tools stack in the market has brought ETL, Data Quality and Data Testing in a single platform. iFlowXpress is a unique of its kind which brings all three solutions in a single platform. It facilitates manage, schedule and monitor complex data migration/flow process

Data Monetization Platform

A subscription based data-at-your-service (DAYS) model providing data at different level of processing and value. It builds logical data warehouse, data lake house and present through a storefront interface where data users can shop to find best-fit data to meet their needs.

Monetize Studio
Data Science Use Case Implementations

Monetize Studio is a suite of jumpstart accelerators for implementing data science use cases for Travel, Insurance, Banking, Media and Retail Industry.

Reference Framework

AlgoXpress is a repository of 150+ ready reference data science algorithms.

Hackathon Platform

HackXpress is an interesting place designed to create innovative and amazing propositions imitating real-life challenges.

Data Warehouse Modernization Platform

Data Warehouse Modernization Solution that automates Legacy Teradata Data warehouse migration journey to Azure based Modern SQL Data Warehouse. Enables Schema Discovery and Migration, Data Migration, Incremental Data Ingestion, Teradata SQL transformation and Source to Target Reconciliation. Provides 40%-50% TCO Reduction in End to End Migration.

MLXpress - Self Service Machine Learning at Scale
Predictive Modeling Platform

MLXpress enables a highly agile way of doing Data Science & building predictive models that’s fundamentally going to change the way our client do data science. It’s a solution to democratize Machine learning in an organization by allowing even non-data scientists build predictive models by providing data and their business objective.

Next Gen Data Discovery Solution

MetaXpress is a next-generation data discovery solution which helps users to search and catalog metadata from various data platforms and applications using knowledge graphs created based on - Search based, Network based, and Lineage based

Real-time Ingestion, Aggregation and Analytics Platform

A Real-time data streaming solution empowered with on-demand analytics for financial business partners.

Cognitive Claims
AI Based Use Case Implementation - Insurance

Cognitive Claims address the motor insurance claims by reducing the amount of effort and time to assess the vehicle after an incident. Our AI reviews photos in real time, provides superior triage performance based on damage severity, and allows you to accurately dispatch the claim to salvage, repair or appraisal.

Intelligent Virtual Assistant Platform (iVAP)
Plug n Play

Intelligent Virtual Assistant Platform helps organizations to automate service desk making life better for customers and organizations. It improves quality of service to customers and makes work more fulfilling for service desk team by eliminating redundant tasks

Intelligent Property Assessment
AI based Use Case Implementation - Insurance

The solution aims at automating the tedious and time consuming process of manual inspection which takes 3-4 days. With this solution, the TAT reduces to few hours thereby improving customer satisfaction and reducing operational cost.

Cognitive Studio

Inspection AI
AI Based Social Distancing Solution

To deal with the current COVID-19 pandemic, Coforge has developed a Computer Vision AI solution – Inspection AI which using video feeds from any regular Camera/CCTV can figure out if people are maintaining the Social Distance or not and optionally - if they are with/without face masks.

Intelligent Document Processing
AI Based Document Processing and Analysis Solution

An AI based Intelligent document processing solution that provides hidden insights by standardizing and structuring large amounts of text data, quickly extracting and converting multiple data formats in to a single template.

Machine 19 - Intelligent Process Automation

Machine 19 is an intelligent platform that facilitates low-cost business and robotic process automation, provides a user interface that makes it simple to use and drive quick implementation of bots for simple and complex processes.

Digital Knowledge Worker
Knowledge Worker

Digital knowledge worker having cognitive capabilities spearheads the next level of AI adoption in enterprises. Supports and augments existing specialist workforce like underwriters, claim specialists, mortgage specialists etc. to achieve high degree of automation.

Virtual Lead System Architect (iVLSA)
AI Based Extension for PEGA

Pega AI based Virtual LSA powered by Pega WebChat, Pega NLP, Pega RPA and Pega Knowledge to perform a thorough review of Pega applications remotely – enhancing code quality and developer efficiency.

UI Starter Kit
AI Based Extension for Appian

UI Starter Kit is a Machine Learning based application which creates mock-ups within the Appian environment, increasing visibility for developers and business owners at the early design stage of project.

iPCD - Continuous Delivery Framework
AI Based Extension for PEGA

iPCD uses Pega 7’s Case management capabilities to provide a continuous delivery framework enabling organizations to respond to business demands by delivering releases with a faster time to market.

Low code AI & Machine Learning Platform

Fabric.Ai is a low code AI & machine learning platform that enables organizations to automate machine learning & deliver predictive models 10 times faster.

Cloud Studio

Cloud Maturity Model & Assessment Framework
Reference Framework

The framework assesses your current cloud adoption, develop an effective cloud strategy with industry best practices and design a step by step cloud journey to truly unlock the full potential of the cloud.

Infrastructure as a Code Framework
Cloud Management Framework

A cloud-agnostic framework “infrastructure as code” to design, develop, and maintain infrastructure by automated provisioning, configuration management that increases efficiency in software development.

Cognitive Audit Service
Service Desk Automation Platform

An AI-based service desk automation platform that uses machine learning, sentiment analysis, contextual information, smart routing algorithms to reduce costs & improves agent efficiency.

Cloud Optimization as a Service
Solution Offering / Framework

Overage is a common issue for the customer in the cloud. Coforge Optimization as a service helps the customer in developing compact ongoing optimization and Governance process that efficiently handles cloud spends.

Blockchain Studio

Blockchain Jumpstart Kit for Insurance
Blockchain Jumpstart Kit for Hyperledger & Corda

Coforge Blockchain solution enables you to quickly build insurance apps on a distributed ledger. This accelerator is built on top of Azure Blockchain Workbench and helps to set up the entire Blockchain Network in few hours.

Accelerate Aircraft Turnaround Time
Blockchain Based Use Case Implementation - Travel

A blockchain & video analytics solution that accelerates the Aircraft turnaround time by automatically detecting various events, makes use of smart contracts for reconciliation, settlement, and execution of legal contracts between various parties.

Cold Supply Chain Management
Blockchain Based Solution - Cargo

A blockchain & IoT-based cold supply chain solution that provides real-time tracking of temperature, humidity, and other parameters and ensures the safety and quality of goods. This improves increased confidence in products and the brand.

Claim Settlement
Blockchain-based Claim Settlement

Whether it is financial service or insurance industry, transaction settlement has been far from easy. A lack of transparency, elaborate ways to store and reconcile information, human-errors, and forgery compound these challenges.

ChainM - Revenue Settlement System
Product on Blockchain Technology

A smart-contract based revenue settlement system between Airlines and Agents that ensures quick settlement, reduces revenue leakage and improves relationships between Airlines and their Partners.

Blockchain Powered Loyalty Program

A Blockchain-based solution that enables Organizations, subsidiaries and partners to increase revenue by sharing their customer base for a loyalty program in a secure & trusted way without replacing their existing programs.

Anti Counterfeiting in Pharma Supply Chain
Anti Counterfeiting Blockchain Solution

Manufacturing or distributing pharmaceuticals fraudulently for monetary gains results in counterfeiting. Counterfeit medicines are deliberately and fraudulently mislabeled and are substandard, therefore do not produce the desired effects and have a serious impact on human health.

Quality Engineering Studio

Cognitive End-to-End Test Automation Services Platform

A cognitive platform that provides a combination of new-age AI/ML based quality engineering solutions and integration extensions, to drive efficiencies across the software lifecycle.

ConTest – Continuous Testing Framework
Continuous Testing Framework

ConTest offers integrated solutions to enable zero touch testing (ZTT) for faster and seamless delivery. The framework incorporates shift left, shift right and spherical shifting to accelerate functional and non-functional testing.

Project & Test Management Integration Solution

BizQX is our ready to use plug and play behaviour driven test automation and management model, which reduces the feedback loop to developer and provides complete end-to-end traceability.

Unified Test Automation Platform

Script-less test automation platform for faster test automation of web, mobile and API applications, with a BOT for managing application object repository.

API & Microservices Test Automation Framework

APIAssureQX framework comprises of methodology, best practices and test automation tool for functional and non-functional testing of API/Microservices.

Automated Data Movement Testing Solution

DTXpress is an automated data movement (e.g. ETL, data migration) testing solution, for validating correctness and completeness of ETL/migrated data. An open-source solution with ability to handle simple to complex data transformations.

DONE-Release at Will
Reference Framework

DONE Framework helps our customers achieve Business Agility through Right Strategy and Digital Architecture

DONE-Quality Measurement Tool
Quality Measurement Tool

DONE Framework helps our customers achieve Code quality to defined benchmark through Right Strategy and Digital Architecture