Frequently asked Questions

What is Digital Foundry

A repository of solution accelerators and reusable assets developed by Coforge to provide our clients a jumpstart.

How can I see an live demo of an asset

The portal contains information about digital assets. To view a demo, please write to us on the asset that interests you and we will provide you more details and demo.

Are the solutions usable as is

To provide maximum value, we would need to understand your specific business problem, so that we can tailor a solution for your needs.

How are the solutions in the Digital Foundry Priced

The licensing cost of the solutions in the Digital Foundry depend on the extent of usage and customization. We have both one time and transaction based pricing. But this depends on the solution being provided.

I have a specific problem

We would be more than happy to discuss with you and see how we can leverage Digital Foundry assets to solve your problem combined with the multi technology software services offered by Coforge.

How are assets added to the Digital Foundry

Every quarter we add new assets developed within our labs to the Foundry. The assets are developed based on discussion with clients, technology trends, market demands.

How can I try out an asset in the Digital Foundry

if you find something interesting, let us know, we will provide you with more infromation and help solve your problem.

Can I partner with you

Sure. We can have a discussion and see how we can position your solution within our Digital Foundry. Please reach out to us.

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